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https://youtu.be/8P7-6NfXkJA Last night my oxygen tubes tangled up in my hair and I awoke feeling like something was off. At first I felt like my spirit was outside of my body. Then I realized that I was completely stiff and I wondered if I was dead. As I started to really wake up, I quickly… Continue reading Thoughts @JennyHatch

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Healing Update @JennyHatch #WWG1WGA

This past month I obtained handicap designation for myself and my car around three chronic health issues. This step has been something I have put off for five years since being diagnosed with chronic hypoxia. https://twitter.com/jennyhatch/status/1195908580450267137?s=21 The most problematic issue has been my spine. I have scoliosis and it has gotten markedly worse over the… Continue reading Healing Update @JennyHatch #WWG1WGA

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The least annoying @JennyHatch

Do you LOVE ❤️ doTerra Oils but your sponsor is driving you crazy? Do you just want to buy the oils without being pushed into a class, workshop, conference, or convention? Would you rather stay home nurturing your family and playing outdoors with beloved pets and children than working a business or going on a… Continue reading The least annoying @JennyHatch