Hong Kong Freedom

Hong Kong Freedom Fighters have nothing to lose… NOT backing down! @JennyHatch

https://twitter.com/nathanlawkc/status/1169256952590995457?s=21 Hong Protesters Will Not Yield "Until the date all these demands are met, Hong Kongers will not yield. In fact, with a bleak and oppressive political future ahead of us, Hong Kongers cannot afford to yield." #FiveDemandsNotOneLess #HongKongProtest https://twitter.com/davenyviii/status/1169293782761820161?s=21 https://twitter.com/alyssa_milano/status/1168651942911823872?s=21 https://twitter.com/kowloonsea/status/1169064289405157377?s=21 This Blog stands in solidarity with Hong Kong. Jenny Hatch https://twitter.com/joshuapotash/status/1168624912124325888?s=21