Human Trafficking, Jenny Hatch

BREAKING: Feds take down the world’s largest child porn marketplace @JennyHatch

#TheStorm is about justice, but also the eradication of evil. Anti-humanity globalist administrations of old would not expend the resources to cleanse our world of this monstrous filth, but that's all changed. THINK AGAIN!

Human Trafficking, QAnon

#QAnon – A Primer by Citizen Journalist @JennyHatch #Pizzagate

I like to craft videos using news clips from current events, memes, and really great musical accompaniment to quickly share what I perceive to be the top news stories of the day. I realized Q was a legit source of information around Easter of 2018 when President Trump mentioned tippy top. Since then I have… Continue reading #QAnon – A Primer by Citizen Journalist @JennyHatch #Pizzagate