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Dr. Leonard Horowitz shares vital life saving healing protocols at Medical Veritas

*Please note that in March of last year I dreamed a protocol for healing that I used with great success when I tested positive for the infection later in the year. It has some overlap with the things Dr. Horowitz outlines below. I am someone who has struggled to breathe my whole life. So I share some additional thoughts for those who end up suffering with long haul Covid. JMH

(; August 18, 2021)

World-leading vaccination critic, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, was hospitalized on August 6, 2021 for pneumonia and multiple microbial mutations prompting asthma-like symptoms and acute respiratory distress (ARDS) caused by the Pfizer/Moderna/DARPA ‘synthetic’ antigen, according to government records filed by the doctor in the U.S. Federal Court of Middle District, Florida on August 18, 2021.

Dr. Horowitz had recovered in October, 2020 from the presumed “COVID-19” infection prompting ‘natural immunity’ to the ‘synthetic antigen’ commonly misrepresented as COVID-19.

The doctor’s initial exposure, sensitization, and immune response (akin to a hyper-sensitization reaction in the lungs) was like an allergic reaction to foreign protein antigens, like pollen or dust, causing respiratory symptoms like asthma. In this case, however, the “spike protein antigen/immunogen” was the “dual-use” (i.e., military/commercial) “gain-of-function” bioweapon wrecking havoc with cell-mediated immunity in people worldwide.

Dr. Horowitz, who is suing Pfizer and Moderna for lying about their vaccines’ “safety,” informed the court:

Chief among Plaintiff’s claims of deceptive safety advertising is the now well-evidenced fact that the PFIZER/MODERNA/DARPA “NOVEL” SPIKE-PROTEIN ANTIGEN IS THE “DUAL USE” SYNTHETIC “GAIN-OF-FUNCTION” BIOWEAPON WRECKING HAVOC ON THE WORLD UNDER THE BRAND CALLED “COVID”.

Dr. Horowitz’s pneumonia and resurgence of respiratory symptoms prompting hospitalization followed his exposure from vaccinated healthcare professionals with whom he repeatedly came in contact.

Prophetically predicting in his legal filings and widespread publications these kinds of antigen ‘shedding’ and spreading risks, the doctor had been begging the Court for “Injunctive Relief” to stop the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer and Moderna “un-safe” ‘antigen-spreading’ mRNA vaccines since fling Horowitz v. Pfizer et. al. in early 2020. (1)

Only uncompromised justice can secure the circumstances; the health, safety, and society, in which Plaintiff’s claims arise and are increasingly being justified by the growing illnesses reported—eventually leaving every human susceptible to damage and dying prematurely, proximal to the torts and crimes reported here begging adjudication on the merits.

To read a complete copy of Dr. Horowitz’s federal filing, including the irrefutable evidence for the above statements of fact, CLICK HERE, orPLAINTIFF NOTICE OF HOSPITALIZATION STAMPED 8-18-21 w Exhibits 1-4.

To read “The Horowitz COVID Protocol” for hastened recoveries see the final sections below.

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