#SpiritCooking best TWEETS of the week


There are many election analysts who are speculating that the Spirit Cooking revelations from Wikileaks are what finally destroyed the Clinton campaign once and for all. Mike Cernovich was all over this story during the past week, so many of these Tweets are from him. Jenny Hatch Clintons – child trafficking, sex with children, occult … Continue reading

A message to all Politicians, Business People, and ANYONE who has been compromised or extorted – We know the truth about #Pizzagate extortion


Today I am thinking about all of those innocent Mr. Smiths who have gone to Washington DC over these many years of corruption in American Government. I am holding all of these men and women in my heart and praying for the welfare of their souls. It is becoming increasingly obvious that a huge portion … Continue reading

New to #Pizzagate? These are the best videos to watch on #SpiritCooking and Pedophilia connections to the Clintons, Podestas, and Obamas


Todays post on #Pizzagate will share the many Citizen Journalist reports that are being created to inform the public of this important story. The mainstream media has mostly blacked the story out completely. I will keep updating as I find new video reports. Jenny Hatch RT FranSeenWrites: #PIZZAGATE EXPLAINED. Make the mainstream media cover this! https://t.co/H6khqUjAob … Continue reading

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