Mike Pence CPAC Speech Full Video


Pence’s CPAC Speech is a Warning to Congress About Obamacare Vice President Mike Pence took the stage at CPAC to loud chants of “USA! USA!” and used the opportunity to put GOP leadership on notice. Then he dropped the hammer: “He’s leading the fight to repeal and replace Obamacare.” That’s a huge line drawn in … Continue reading

Best Political Moment of 2016


I watched it LIVE! Jenny Hatch

Leakers beware – Canary Trap just found all the felons


I found this last night on Reddit and was laughing so hard I almost peed the bed. The original post was deleted, so the link is on archive, but I copied and pasted the text below. Jenny Hatch PS Deep state elites have run the world for so long they are “drunken with iniquity”, high … Continue reading

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