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Influencers doing their thing for sweet sweet cash @JennyHatch

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION reversed itself on Covid Vaccines for Pregnant Moms

The Auto Immune diseases take about four months to begin kicking in. Save that cash influencers. You are going to need it to pay your doctor bills.

Jenny Marie Hatch

No. I will NOT be getting the shot.

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Boulder Shooter profiled by FBI

A couple of questions from this Boulder County resident.

1. Why did the shooter drive all the way up to Boulder to commit this crime?

2. Were the reports of multiple shooters false?

3. Why did the shooter take off his clothing? Shoes? Armor?

4. Will we be able to see security footage from King Soopers cameras? Or will somebody have forgotten to rewind the tape?

5. Parking lot security footage?

6. If the shooter was on an FBI list, why wasn’t he flagged when he bought the gun?

The chief of Police looks browbeat…and scared.

Why has the leftist call for gun reform been so utterly predictable?

Jenny Marie Hatch