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I left the comment below on the LuLu Rich Documentary Trailer on You Tube. It keeps getting deleted, so here it is in full…

“I wonder how much student loan debt is racked up just by the people commenting on this trailer?

The biggest ponzi scheme in the world is Social Security.

And how many of you currently owe the government for your education? You are an indendtured servant to the feds.

If creators want to use the brilliant marketing known as networking to retail their product, they have no control over the poor financial decisions of those who decide to sell.

And no one who went into debt to start a networking organization would ever expect the taxpayers of America to bail them out when the product doesn’t sell.

I bet some of you are hoping a politician will cancel your student loan debts.

Jenny Marie Hatch
Network Marketing Enthusiast”

PS For 25 years I have used Young Living products. I have a great love for the supplements and oils highlighted on this PAGE. Feel free to click around and purchase these wonderful oils, soaps, and supplements.

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