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Riot Porn? The very term is offensive @JennyHatch

Having been stalked and harassed for my Conservative street activism, I know first hand that the commie left is inherently violent and dangerous.

So it is rather ironic that the term riot porn is even a thing.

Watch the video and read the article at the intercept for more. The ratio of the comments on Robert Mackeys tweet lean decidedly right as conservatives heckle him for the disinfo on his article and video.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Unmasked by Andy Ngo dropped tonight! @JennyHatch

I pre ordered Andys book on Kindle a few weeks ago. It dropped tonight. I will formally review once I finish reading it. Here are a few interviews he has done to promote his book.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Atlanta MAGA Rally TODAY #AntifaSoWHITE

Click to Watch!

So as soon as the Georgia Patriots announced their rally today, Antifa set up a counter demonstration. One of their warriors was dismayed by the many people of color who were standing up for President Trump and an honest vote tally.

I gave him a good spanking.

The tweets and a post from Babylon Bee tell the story.

Just in case someone gets itchy fingers and starts deleting tweets, I have some screengrabs for your viewing pleasure…