Why I turned off the comments on my content

@JennyHatch Podcast Radio Show – Why I turned OFF THE COMMENTS on my You Tube Channel https://t.co/BSnan5xbsU — 🌸 Jenny Hatch 🌸 (@JennyHatch) January 16, 2019 SCREEN GRAB FROM MY YOU TUBE COMMENTS PAGE In this podcast I share the reason why I chose to recently turn off the comments on my You Tube Channel. … Continue reading

You Tube Censorship has a variety of levels @JennyHatch

You Tube has a variety of tactics they employ to censor content before they fully yank a persons channel off the site. I observed these tactics in real time as my friend and mentor Dr. Leonard Horowitz saw his content demonitized, pulled for review, and finally his whole channel destroyed. Once he posted a video … Continue reading

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