Project Veritas – Rigging the Election


UPDATE: Part III -Hillary’s idea Breitbart Sundance #DUCKGATE stream on Twitter UPDATE: Part II – Mass Voter Fraud UPDATE Media is ignoring this story! Here is O’Keefe explaining the situation: ORIGINAL VIDEO: Video 1 – Clinton Campaign and DNC incite violence at Trump Rallies. More here:  Breitbart  Sundance WND

Just another bunch of political criminals, in a long line of Crisis and Crony Capitalists tied to Government Insider Trading

obama gets shot

EXPLOSIVE ‘60 MINUTES’ REPORT REVEALS WIDESPREAD WASHINGTON CORRUPTION BREITBART CALLS FOR SPENCER BAUCUS TO RESIGN FROM CONGRESS I was just over on Andrew Breitbarts site and watched the above reports from 60 minutes that ran tonight and a radio program, The Victory Sessions, where Andrew called for Spencer Baucus to resign for insider trading… Quite … Continue reading

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