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Jenny on how to access books online for FREE!

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I find myself spending way more time on Callin and Substack when I am online these days. 

Not that I don’t check in with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I do. But since my shadowbanning and deplatforming has been so intense these past few years and You Tube felt the need to put me on a seven day timeout this week for spreading so called disinformation about Covid vaccines, I am happy to have alternatives.

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Riot Porn? The very term is offensive @JennyHatch

Having been stalked and harassed for my Conservative street activism, I know first hand that the commie left is inherently violent and dangerous.

So it is rather ironic that the term riot porn is even a thing.

Watch the video and read the article at the intercept for more. The ratio of the comments on Robert Mackeys tweet lean decidedly right as conservatives heckle him for the disinfo on his article and video.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Book Review – This is what America looks like by Ilhan Omar @JennyHatch

I reviewed Ilhans book on my podcast.



Some of the greatest patriotic Americans began their political career as leftists. I hope Ilhan will mature into Capitalism as so many passionate people have over the past century.

Jenny Marie Hatch