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Mass Formation Psychosis

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Wesley Yang podcast on Callin, I had no idea I was talking to THAT guy.

As I continue to participate on the Callin Podcasting app, I get to cross paths with some unbelievably intelligent and well spoken people. The other day I clicked into a live stream hosted by Wesley Yang.

He was talking to Darryl Cooper. I was riveted by what they were saying and called in to the show to participate. How joyful to have twenty minutes of respectful conversation!

I grabbed our chat and embedded it into this video and included screenshots of Darryl’s Tweet thread, because yes, he is THAT GUY who crafted THAT THREAD.

Here is a clip of our chat.

Dr. Robert Malone warns parents

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Unredacted Aftershow Chat

I host an afterchat pod for the Unredacted show on Callin.

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Substack Newsletter

Greenwald on Callin!

Debut show last night.

I was thrilled to be one of those chosen to participate during the Q and A of Glenns first show. We talked about the Rittenhouse case.

The full show is hosted on Callin HERE.

Callin is the new app where my podcasts are hosted HERE.

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