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Male fertility and the Covid Vaccine

Erectile Dysfunction

From Jennifer Margulis Facebook page

From a reader: “Last week a young man went to my partner’s medical clinic. Healthy kid who just finished high school but has been feeling fatigue and low energy since May.

After doing a full physical, my partner learned that the young man also cannot get an erection, no longer has wet dreams, and doesn’t have ‘morning wood’ anymore.” Going on since May.

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Now, who sells the most popular erectile dysfunction drug on the planet? And when the young men who have been neutered want to become dads, which companies have the best in vitro conceptions?

Jenny Marie Hatch

Canadian Doctor links miscarriages after Covid to the Spike Proteins in the Placenta @JennyHatch

I feel so ill after watching this.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Click to view Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson interviews Dr. Charles Hoffe who offers an explanation for why pregnant mothers are having miscarriages after getting the Covid Vaccine

Contact me if you have had a Covid Vaccine reaction around your fertility. I am compiling cases of miscarriage, breastfeeding issues, menstruation problems, and infertility on my blog. If you are willing to share your story, it might help other people.