Diamond and Silk go to Washington @JennyHatch

I love these women, especially since some dork on Reddit was questioning me monetizing my blog this morning: https://t.co/TGu5xr8nDd THIS IS NOT A GAME! https://t.co/jmF24x6Tzf — 🌸 Jenny Marie Hatch 🌸 (@JennyHatch) April 26, 2018 Diamond and Silk Opening Statement At House Judiciary Committee Hearing … https://t.co/ZXeheKUInD @JennyHatch @DiamondandSilk #FreeSpeech — 🌸 Jenny Marie Hatch … Continue reading

Wired: Facebook Censorship of Right Wing @JennyHatch

I just read this huge story at Wired documenting Facebooks two years of controversy over Fake News. Oh good Lord. I read that whole behemoth and come to find out it is simply another “the russians did it” exposition? The article DID confirm… Read More HERE: https://t.co/k73hvE2vop @JennyHatch @fbnewsroom @WIRED #Wired #Facebook #FakeNews https://t.co/6FVqhuBeUs — … Continue reading

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