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Heavens Embrace, Thoughts on a passing scene

A song and thoughts on a passing scene

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Callin – Husband and Wife Homebirth Chat – Nutrition for Healthy Pregnancy

Callin Show Page HERE. Sunday October 24th 2021 at 7:00 Denver Time

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Hey CDC! Get your hands off – Pregnant Evie Mag writer scolds the feds-Show notes for Callin pod today

Pregnant writer Ashley St. Claires throwdown at Evie Mag is a MUST READ!

Jenny Marie Hatch

My interview with Dr. Leonard Horowitz describing his lawsuit against Pfizer and Moderna

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The media would like you to believe that people like my sister and I are uneducated outliers, radicals even, who are “anti-science.” The truth is that we are far from alone, and most pregnant women, over two-thirds, have not received the vaccine. As a result of this hesitancy, pregnant women have been unfairly targeted by the media and most recently, the CDC, which issued an “urgent” advisory for pregnant women to get vaccinated.

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Midwifery Today – Midwives on PAIN in Labor

I suscribe to Midwifery Today and this Facebook Q and A showed up in my email today!

Jenny Marie Hatch

Facebook Q&A

How do you explain the “pain” of labor to your clients?

I describe the pain as pain. Real pain. Not as “waves” or “extreme menstrual cramps.” Like the kind of pain you may have never felt before. I also describe it as productive pain. Breaking a limb or having a chronic medical condition is a type of suffering. I think it’s important to differentiate between the two. Labor pain will end and there’s a tremendous gift at that end. I think it’s a disservice to downplay the intensity of the pain in labor.
Kerri Jackson Pelz

I tell them it can be a gentle tightening in their bellies that feels like a sweet hug, it can feel like sharp period cramps, it can feel like a bear hug that takes your breath away, it can create pressure in your pelvis and down your thighs, it can sometimes feel like your uterus is turning itself inside out and pulling itself over your whole body! And at the same time, I share that labor pain is unlike almost any other because the sensations are a sign that all is right, that their beautiful, powerful uterine muscle is doing the work to get the baby out and we will be celebrating and supporting that magnificent work. My mom always told me labor was “pain with a purpose and when it is complete you will have a beautiful baby in your hands.”
Roseanna Azarow Ebert

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