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A Freebirth Chat at Skeptical OB

Defending Family Birth Podcast Complete Show

Here is the article and the comment section that followed as a cut and paste from Dr. T’s site.

I dedicated my radio show today to this post as a way to illustrate how I defended unassisted childbirth on the internet. This post contains screen grabs from the site if you want to just read my many comments.

Defending Family Birth

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Midwifery Today: Hands off birth by Barbara Herrera

Hands-Off Birth

by Barbara Herrera

From The Birthkit, Number 44, Winter 2004

This birth story is different from any I have ever written. As I share it, I watch my words go into midwives’ ears and minds and watch as they try to grasp what I am saying. During most of my life as a doula/midwife, I would have thought of myself, “What a fruitcake!” But the moral of this story is this: I serve the mother and her family—in whatever way she needs me to.

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