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Unassisted Childbirth in the News!

Some Women Choose Unassisted Birth, Here’s Why

There are compelling reasons some mothers choose to have their babies at home without a midwife or doula.

Jennifer Margulis

September 13, 2021

Unassisted Birth

Unassisted childbirth, also known as free birth or sometimes do-it-yourself (DIY) birth, is when a mom or an expectant couple chooses to have a baby without the assistance of a doctor, a midwife, or any other professional birth attendant.

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Clubhouse Birth Chat 7:00 pm Denver Time starting this Sunday @JennyHatch

I am starting a new weekly Clubhouse Room called Birth Chat. 7:00 PM Denver time on Sunday evenings.

I invited two internet experts to join the conversation.

Brandy Zadrozny and Dr. Amy are considered internet experts so I thought I would begin with them.

You are welcome to listen in and participate!

Please help spread the word!

Jenny Marie Hatch

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Homebirth numbers on the rise @JennyHatch

This story out of the UK is really interesting.

Jenny Hatch