Tag: Impeachment or Coup?

A few clips from the Impeachment Defense edited by @JennyHatch

A few clips from the impeachment. I watched for a couple hours. Mostly I napped today. I get sleepy when it is so cold. But I thought that President Trumps attorneys did a good job.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Hatch Family 1996

Original fight mashup…

Democrats rest case in Impeachment trial @JennyHatch #VoterFraud

Congressman Raskin wraps things up with this excellent quote by Tom Payne. My common sense tells me that the drama queens on the left protested a bit MUCH. President Trumps election was stolen and everyone knows it.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Jenny Hatch
The Democrats rest

When? Anthony Weiners Laptop @JennyHatch #QAnon #Pizzagate