Chat at the Treehouse about Mitt and Mormonism @JennyHatch

I was really pleased by the respectful conversation I had today at The Conservative Treehouse. Mitt Romney made it official this morning, he is running for the Senate seat currently held by retiring Orrin Hatch. — 🌸 Jenny Hatch 🌸 (@JennyHatch) February 17, 2018 Sundance posted the above article and a portion of the … Continue reading

Toxic Psychiatry is Deadly @JennyHatch

UPDATE: February 18th After a year of investigation Rosenstein breathlessly informs us a group of russian internet trolls have been indicted by the US for being TROLLS. And the FBI was so distracted by the attempted coup against President Trump they couldn’t be bothered to investigate and detain a crazy guy planning to shoot up … Continue reading

Political affiliations of Murderers and Assassins @JennyHatch Blog

An interesting infographic. Jenny Hatch Trump Supporters attacked By Protesters -Compilation via @JennyHatch — 🌸 Jenny Hatch 🌸 (@JennyHatch) February 16, 2018

School Shootings Psychiatric Drugs—Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord @JennyHatch Blog

School Shootings & Psychiatric Drugs—Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord via @JennyHatch #schoolshooting — 🌸 Jenny Hatch 🌸 (@JennyHatch) February 16, 2018 Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord on the link between psychiatric drugs and school shootings and why there should be a federal investigation. Praying for all who are suffering. Jenny Hatch

School shootings are happening all the time @JennyHatch Blog

Prescription for Violence @JennyHatch #SchoolViolence ARM THE TEACHERS!!! — 🌸 Jenny Hatch 🌸 (@JennyHatch) February 15, 2018 Solutions? 1.Arm the TEACHERS. Make the schools “gun zones” Over 18’s? Concealed carry at school. 2.Big Pharma pay cash to house the crazy kids they have created with their psychoactive drugs away from society. #schoolshooting #AntiDepressantsCauseViolence … Continue reading

Happy Valentines Day! @JennyHatch

Happy Valentines Day Deplorables! @jennyhatch68 #TrumpTrain #TrumpMemes #DoYouHearThePeopleSing A post shared by Jenny Hatch (@jennyhatch68) on Feb 10, 2018 at 10:13am PST A few fun political valentines day memes to make you smile! Enjoy! Jenny Hatch #ValentinesDay Jeb! Please Clap – Happy Valentines Day to our FAVORITE Globalist @JennyHatch #Jeb! #Globalist #DeepState — … Continue reading

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