Healing, Jenny Hatch

Thoughts @JennyHatch

https://youtu.be/8P7-6NfXkJA Last night my oxygen tubes tangled up in my hair and I awoke feeling like something was off. At first I felt like my spirit was outside of my body. Then I realized that I was completely stiff and I wondered if I was dead. As I started to really wake up, I quickly… Continue reading Thoughts @JennyHatch

The Messiah, Husband and Wife Family Birth

The Christ Child @JennyHatch #TheChristChild #LightTheWorld #ComeUntoChrist

The Christ Child. Weeping as I watched this new nativity movie! It encapsulated everything I am passionate about. Jesus Christ, childbirth, Husband and Wife birth, the wise men bringing the resins needed to craft the greatest essential oils. https://youtu.be/yXWoKi5x3lw And I have long believed that when they visited Mary and Joseph they taught them how… Continue reading The Christ Child @JennyHatch #TheChristChild #LightTheWorld #ComeUntoChrist

Censorship, Woke

‪Resisting Wokeness: Andrew Doyle and Douglas Murray in conversation @JennyHatch #Woke #OKBoomer

My favorite part of the conversation was Douglas final point. Cancel culture needs forgiveness and restitution. Watch the whole conversation here: https://youtu.be/QIJPUX6SYu4 An excellent hour for adults concerned about what happens after EVERYONE has been cancelled. #Woke #OKBoomer https://twitter.com/jennyhatch/status/1198084914584801280?s=21 https://twitter.com/jennyhatch/status/1198085424876359680?s=21 https://twitter.com/jennyhatch/status/1198086116303196160?s=21 https://twitter.com/jennyhatch/status/1198086164189573121?s=21 I am looking forward to reading Douglas book. Jenny Hatch