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Culture Warlords A review by Jenny Hatch

UPDATE – October 18th. –

Called it!

Amazon did NOT publish my review of Talias book.

I am sure the Amazon review board is all, “Shhhhh, we cannot let the word out that Culture Warlords EXONERATES the president.”

And they also need to keep it under wraps that the FBI sets up online honey traps for extremists of all persuasions. The fact that Talia did not understand she was chatting with a bunch of agents and fifteen year olds aggrieved that Ashlynn would not go to the Homecoming Dance seems to be lost on her. At least, she never mentions these possibilities in her breathless recounting of 21st century intrepid online journalism.

Here is the screengrab of the email from Amazon.

ORIGINAL POST (and my review of Culture Warlords that Amazon censored)

I share the meme above to prove I pre ordered Talias book in October. I have been reading it since it dropped.

I am about halfway through the book and decided to review it on Amazon. I have a history with Amazon refusing to publish certain book reviews, even when I am a verified purchaser, so I share my review here on my own blog just in case they refuse to publish it.

“I have read about half of Talias book and not sure if I have the gumption to finish. As a 52 year old grandma, that incel chapter introduced me to several new forms of sexuality (strap on dildo for anal???) GROSS.”

So far the takeaway is how these online cretins have proven that my president Mr. Donald Trump is NOT a white supremacist.

This fact is rolled up in the quote I meme’d.

“This attitude summed up much of the far right’s stance toward Trump: He was ideologically aligned with them but not extreme enough, too surrounded by Jews, too willing to make mealy-mouthed concessions to the social norms of pluralism they abhor. To these extremists, the fact that there wasn’t an Einsatzgruppen shooting minorities and Jews in the streets, and they hadn’t been invited to join, was reason enough to abandon their electoral hopes in Trump as savior of their movement. Trump’s overtly racist campaign, election, and inauguration reinvigorated white-supremacist activity in the United States, both bolstering and expanding extant groups and resulting in a proliferation of new fascist groups.”

— Culture Warlords: My Journey Into the Dark Web of White Supremacy by Talia Lavin

Patriots like me understand that communist antifa activists like Talia want to tear down the whole government, rip up the constitution, and erase our American history while they collectivize everything.

That is not going to happen on my watch.

They call this devotion to the founding documents nazism and racist.

Readers are also cautioned that online hate groups have largely (like 90% of them) have been started by FBI deep state actors to rustle up a race war. Talia was probably chatting with many agents tasked with this work to agitate young men to be the pawns in that war.

Online shenanigans and a well timed book drop do NOT an october suprise make.

I do confess to enjoying Talia hawking her book like a Capitalist Pig. The irony slays me.

Rock on America. We have nothing to fear from the Marxists in our midst.

Jenny Hatch

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Jenny Hatch