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I find myself spending way more time on Callin and Substack when I am online these days. 

Not that I don’t check in with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I do. But since my shadowbanning and deplatforming has been so intense these past few years and You Tube felt the need to put me on a seven day timeout this week for spreading so called disinformation about Covid vaccines, I am happy to have alternatives.

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Callin App – a New Podcasting Platform

After using this app now for a few weeks, I believe the single most important feature is the ability to quickly edit a show and immediately have it up on the site ready to go.

The live features are also wonderful and I have enjoyed chatting with all who have participated so far.

I sense the ability to seamlessly dig in and produce a better show is going to be the best loved feature for my fellow podcasters. Especially once they realize…


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