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Jordan Peterson COMPLETE interview with Dave Rubin

I loved this interview with two of my favorites! Listening a second time this morning and realized I forgot to blog it.

Jenny Marie Hatch

What if humanity was never supposed to pull 16 hour days?

What if this drug, caffeine, and sugar fueled life is the worst life to live?

What if the ideal day is NO MORE than four hours a day of work to provide the necessities of life and then we spend the rest of our time developing our relationships and talents?

And cultivating our minds?

I had an epiphany around this when I had the manual labor job of mothering young children and the work was neverending. Once I limited my physical output to four hours a day, I began to enjoy my job.

Jenny Marie Hatch

This is the comment I left on Locals on the Dave Rubin interview with Jordan Peterson about his new book.

The whole interview is just fabulous. I will review the book once I get my hands on it.

The complete interview is embedded below:

Cancelling Dr. Seuss

My Dr. Seuss Book of the Month Club delivery was one of the highlights of my pre school years!

I remember the magic of opening the box to find my very own book of rhyme and rhythm with simple artistry to depict the stories.

As a middle child in a family of eight children I am so grateful to my parents for instilling my great love of reading when I was so young.

Words have been my medium for almost all of my most important communications.

So at nearly 90,000 tweets over these past ten years, how sad and pathetic to see a day arrive when I am cut off from my favorite platform.

Twitter ax’ed me the same week Dr. Seuss was being cancelled. I consider it something to be proud of, that the commie left felt the need to cut off my voice at this disgusting censorious time in US History.

There were some very funny, but R rated Dr. Seuss memes that I chose not to share.

Please clap.

Jenny Marie Hatch