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Week Seven? Women across the World begin to Scream @JennyHatch

Dr. Naomi Wolf:

I was attacked as ‘bonkers’ for the sin of reporting, before news outlets did, on menstrual disorders, severe bleeding and clotting (or ‘changes’) post-vaccination, by @MattGertz of @MediaMatters and of @CNN; that is, by someone who, I assume, has never menstruated.

Week 1: no side effects

Week 2: side effect of feeling sick is good

Week 3: silence

Week 4: no fertility risk

Week 5: menstrual changes are a myth, stop spreading lies

Week 6: menstrual changes are expected, no known ill effects because it’s to hard to study

Week 7: The Scream begins…

Dr. Naomi Wolf on Vaccine Passports – MUST LISTEN!

The End of America?

…Lastly, driving all human interaction onto Zoom is not only a way to harvest all of our tech, business secrets and IP – it is a way to ensure that intimacy and connection in the future will be done online and that human face-to-face contact will be killed off.

Why is this? Why develop policies that punish, encumber and restrict human contact in analog (unsurveilled, unmediated) spaces?

Because human contact is the great revolutionary force when it comes to human freedom and resistance to this form of comprehensive biofascism – the biofascism represented by the New Normal – the medico-fascist Step Ten. 

Now let me recap from the year 2008, and read you my intro to The End of America, as well as the warning at the close of that book. 

Its message has never, sadly, been more timely. This time, threats to freedom justified by terrorism then, have reclothed themselves in the trappings of a medical pandemic.

But this time we do not just face a war on freedom. This time we face a war on human beings, and on all that makes us human.

Naomi Wolf