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David Shurter: Under the Rabbit Hole, Confessions of an Anti-Christ @JennyHatch Free E-Book #SRA #Healing

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Satanic Ritual Abuse plus a copy of the Pace Memo @JennyHatch #Pizzagate #QAnon #Pedogate

In sadness I read Courtney Kendricks latest blog post and noticed that she is being seduced more deeply into witchcraft.

On Twitter Yesterday I shared a thread outlining a twitter conversation that took place between Courtney and I and several of her followers last year. (This blog post is captured in screen grabs below)

The only thing I will add today is a reiteration of my warning to those people who are currently seducing her and all young people into the worship of Lucifer.

You will stand accountable before God at his judgement bar for every tear shed by broken husbands and fathers. For every divorce, every destroyed home, every shattered child… you will account for your Halloween activites that are happening this month.

The only answer for you short and long term is to repent of your sins and Come Unto Jesus Christ for healing, safety, and peace.

And before I share the Pace memo with my readers I will add that IF there is a cabal of satanic demons in human form tied to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, whoever suppressed this memo and further inquiry into Satanic Ritual Abuse in the church may be a part of it.

Here is the memo followed by Tweets that outline the nature of my conversation with Courtney.


Below are a few Anti Feminism cartoons. A quick and delicious way to red pill someone…

BREAKING: Feds take down the world’s largest child porn marketplace @JennyHatch

#TheStorm is about justice, but also the eradication of evil. Anti-humanity globalist administrations of old would not expend the resources to cleanse our world of this monstrous filth, but that’s all changed.


When #Spygate meets #Pedogate @JennyHatch #QAnon

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Click here to read Brian Cates excellent report

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Update from O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) @JennyHatch

O.U.R. (@OURrescue) Tweeted:
Mindy’s (name changed) is a strong, young girl who had a very difficult childhood. After being trafficked in a dangerous red-light zone, she has found hope and healing in a safe aftercare home. https://t.co/hPHT5dITJ6 https://t.co/m5TYlf3Yxr

O.U.R. (@OURrescue) Tweeted:
O.U.R., @mentors and @huntsmanschool presented at the 68th @UN Civil Society Conference on education and vocational training for survivors in aftercare. #USUEntrepreneurship #MentorsInternational #EndHumanTrafficking https://t.co/FXkBalgDKM

O.U.R. (@OURrescue) Tweeted:
Many of our supporters give a gift to O.U.R. in their wills as a way to have a lasting impact on a cause that’s important to them. Click here to learn more about leaving your legacy: https://t.co/jBVYLXe8u9 https://t.co/GvjLKjKufx

O.U.R. (@OURrescue) Tweeted:
The Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report is a comprehensive guide about domestic and global anti-trafficking efforts. The report is published by the U.S. Department of State annually. Head over to our blog for highlights from the June 2019 report: https://t.co/vrBCpQiyMC https://t.co/C41JeXVnku