Newest Columnist at WaPo – John Podesta – New #Pizzagate VIDEOS


John Podesta BUSTED! Caught Spewing Endless LIES About #Pizzagate via @JennyHatch — Jenny Marie (@JennyHatch) February 24, 2017 John Podesta Gets Washington Post Column! #BoycottWashingtonPost #pizzagate #parenting #gop #dems — Stephanie Gilley (@StephieGilley) February 24, 2017 John Podesta Gets Washington Post Column!  President Trump Holds Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting 2/23/17 #pizzagate #pedocrats via … Continue reading

#Pizzagate – BREAKING – HUGE Exclusive Interview With DHS Insider! Talks About #PizzaGate #PedoGate & Much More


 VL has been fortunate enough to work with some awesome people! We have loyal and awakened followers who help bring us information, and we also have trusted insiders, whistleblowers and leakers who trust us enough to give us information, too. Today, we have an exclusive interview with a special DHS insider who has answered some … Continue reading

Gavin McInnes on #Pizzagate 


Remember Gavins NYU Speech that triggered this “Performance Artist?” Profanity alert on Rebeccas Rant…

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