Art world tied to International Child Trafficking? #Swordfish #Pizzagate

Someone shared this on Reddit last night and I cut and pasted simply to archive another copy of it on the internet. Jenny Hatch Massive Paul Manafort Bombshell Incoming: Manafort witnessed Clinton/Soros/AIDS NGO human trafficking and biowarfare operation in Ukraine while working for Yanukovych (pizzagate) submitted 32 minutes ago by swordfish69  Manafort Lobbies for … Continue reading

Evidence from #SWORDFISH #Pizzagate #Pedogate #ItEndsNow

Here is the Swordfish Evidence that is floating around the web.  Since it went live on Voat the whole website has been crashed twice. I found this on Archive and share it here on my blog simply to help spread the evidence. Jenny Hatch Archive Link: Hi, it looks like you’re new. Welcome to … Continue reading

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