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Don’t Be A Purple People Eater @JennyHatch #OprahDidWhat

I used scenes and a song from one of my favorite movies to craft this video. The Color Purple was one of my favorite books as a young woman. When the movie came out, I went to see it with my sister and our Father. It is a sister story that I have always held close to my heart.

The music from the movie was mostly written by Quincy Jones. He is also a personal favorite and his song Maybe God is Tryin’ to Tell You Something is featured in this video.

I cherish and love all of the many artists whose work has been featured on the stage, screen, and in the wonderful world of music. I have nothing but deep compassion for all of those chosen by the Cabal of evil to play certain roles on the worlds stage.

Most, including Oprah, were likely chosen when they were children and then groomed up to where they were placed in front of the television cameras and in the movie studios.

I do not hate Oprah, or anyone who is caught in this web of control, deceit, darkness, and extortion.

Isn’t it interesting that Jacob Rothschild stepped down from his venture capital company this week? Why did he all of a sudden feel the need to spend more time with his family?

Things are in motion. I use popular culture to craft upbeat parodies and satirical memes to help wake up those who cannot quite see the truth.

Under fair use copyright laws, the many clips and songs from the culture are woven together to tell a story.

I hope you will take five or ten minutes to watch my movie and then think about these last days before Jesus Christ returns to rule and reign. What would the Fall of Babylon look like?

Taking the cabal down spiritually has been one of the great privileges of my sojourn on this Earth.

I want to emphasize that I do not hate or even judge anyone caught in this maze. Heavenly Father eventually gets to be the perfect judge. And if you have done something that makes it so you will experience the sword of justice in mortality, I hope you will be blessed with his perfect peace during your own trial, conviction, and sentencing.

I was also ushered into the matrix when I was seven with a tortuous event that seared my mind and initiated me into the hellish reality of being an unwitting pawn of the Satanic Cabal.

I understand how it feels to have your musical talents flipped to serve someone else’s agenda. Please know that if you are still breathing, you can repent of your sins, come unto Jesus Christ, and be PERFECTED in him.

I know that healing is to be found utilizing the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Kanye has broken out and found the light!

You can too!

Jenny Hatch

When the #Epsteindidntkillhimself hashtag went viral, so did Fionas book @JennyHatch #SRAHealing

My interview with Fiona Barnett has been getting a ton of traffic since the #Epsteindidntkillhimself hashtag revved up.

Fionas book is a must read.

You can read it for FREE HERE:

Our podcast also has great info for healing trauma based programming:

Trauma Focused Integration is the best was to heal Ritual Abuse.

Fiona gave me the PDF of her book to share on my blog. These past few days it has had almost 1500 downloads.

A screengrab of my traffic is below. We can officially say the genie is out of the bottle.

The fifteen minute You Tube version of our interview on Trauma Integrated Healing is HERE:

It was my great joy to have her on my podcast. I feel doubly blessed to now call her my dear friend.

Jenny Hatch

Fionas Book

New Update of Fiona Barnetts Book Eyes Wide Open @JennyHatch

All books are a work in progress and Fiona made a few edits that have clarified her positions. As she said during my interview, she was being relentlessly harassed during the writing of Eyes Wide Open and she threw it on the internet without a final edit.

Here is the link to read the updated version.

Jenny Hatch

Fiona Barnett @JennyHatch Podcast Radio Show Trauma Focused Integration @FionaBarnettEY1

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