444 rides as of today! Uber Driver @JennyHatch

I checked my statistics today and took a few screen grabs and embedded them in this video: https://youtu.be/0vH2LzMIm34 Of all the low paying jobs I have ever done, this one has been my favorite… I love chatting with new people. And when I am alone in the car I rehearse my music. The flexibility was … Continue reading

Uber Founder stepping down

I love my job!  I feel terrible for the company and all of the bad press. I would not be surprised to learn that most of the headlines from the past year were manufactured situations and media stories designed to take Uber down.  I drive people who live locally and those from all over the … Continue reading

NYT’s slimes Uber CEO – Media is on a rampage!

Media has been dumping on Uber again. NYT’s did this hit piece on our CEO. Here is my comment… Most of us who drive do it part time to generate a little bit of cash. My customers are great. They are mostly business people going to work or the airport, students, the elderly, disabled, and … Continue reading

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