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I started a Rumble channel

You Tube has made it abundantly clear they do not want my videos hosted on their platform so I am now going to use Rumble for my multimedia platform and livestreams.

Here are my first few videos…

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Substack Newsletter

Greenwald on Callin!

Debut show last night.

I was thrilled to be one of those chosen to participate during the Q and A of Glenns first show. We talked about the Rittenhouse case.

The full show is hosted on Callin HERE.

Callin is the new app where my podcasts are hosted HERE.

This post is a copy of my Substack weekly newsletter.

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Remember, Remember

“This new revelation – carefully guarded for more than half a decade – that one of the key sources for some of the Steele Dossier allegations was a top Clinton family associate who’d worked on every presidential campaign both Hillary and Bill ran is just the kind of plot twist the ever-growing SpyGate scandal needed at this point.”

More details about the arrest is HERE on Brian Cates Substack.

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