Part 2 of Lift the Veil’s interview with Michael Whalen @JennyHatch

Part two of my interviews with @VeganMikey – Voodoo Doughnuts, Dante's & Macaulay Culkin #SurvivorStories #Donutgate @IsaacKappy @SaRaAshcraft @FionaBa47662575 @DavidShurter — Nathan Stolpman (@lifttheveil411) August 10, 2018 Another excellent interview with @VeganMikey He confirms THREE comet ping pong employees moved to Portland and are in the business of crafting Child caskets. They bragged to … Continue reading

When #Pizzagate turns into #Doughnutgate @JennyHatch

When #Pizzagate turns into #Doughnutgate @JennyHatch #q #QAnon #Pedogate VooDoo Doughnut and Child Trafficking? Hmmmm… — 🌸 ❌Jenny M Hatch 🌸 (@JennyHatch) August 6, 2018 All organized child trafficking is Satanic, and all child traffickers are deeply into the occult and specifically is also nestled next to creepy Captain Ankeny’s Pizza, Dante’s Strip … Continue reading

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