Amani Birth Interview with Aisha

UPDATE on September 13th, 2021

For years I have been planning to recertify as a Child Birth Educator. As I completed the Amani training, I was very excited to welcome expectant couples back into my home.

As I thought about preparing these innocents for hospital birth I had a clarifying moment and suddenly realized that after promoting husband and wife homebirth for the past 25 years, that I would not be able to teach this method or any method of birth to young parents.

I wholeheartedly endorse Amani Birth and the Bradley Method as two excellent childbirth preparation classes for first time parents.

I plan to remain an independent voice agitating for drug and surgery free birth in the sanctity of the home.

I checked in with Dr. Amy recently and her blog is mostly dead. In this pandemic year of our Lord 2021, her message of all things chemical feels rather flat as the young moms prepare for parenthood during end times events.

I hope and pray each couple will find the information they need to make solid choices for their families!


I was happy to appear on Aisha Al Hajjar’s chat today to discuss how being a Childbirth Educator and Doula has changed my life for the better.

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Constitution Day

September 17 is a day of celebration and pride.

Constitution Day September 17, 2021

Two hundred and thirty-four years ago on this date, thirty-nine delegates from throughout the fledgling United States signed our Constitution, uniting a diverse population into one nation, bound together by common principles and a deep reverence for liberty.

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On the Media totalitarians get a good smackdown by Perrino, Khalid, Strossen, and Taibbi

I loved listening to this podcast!

As a high censored blogger, it was joyful to hear these four people articulate the facts.

I always think of a certain scene from an old Mel Brooks movie when the topic of the gatekeepers of speech comes up. Here is a clip from the Free Speech Absolutism podcast, which is embedded below.

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