Dr. Ted Noel – 60 Minutes is Fake News 

Dr. Ted Noel smacks down 60 Minutes!60 Minutes is Fake News https://t.co/tqxluGfs4m via @YouTube @JennyHatch — Jenny Marie (@JennyHatch) March 29, 2017 Published on Mar 28, 2017 60 Minutes never looked at our reporting on Hillary’s Parkinson’s. They slandered our work. Let’s look at the details. (Some audio sync issues)

SGT Report debunks 60 Minutes #Pizzagate #Pedogate report

The elite are pulling out all of the stops to discredit the FACT that there is a well organized child trafficking and pedophile ring in and around the heart of Washington DC that reaches the very highest levels of power within the US government. The investigation into this criminal ring has become known as Pizzagate. … Continue reading

My thoughts on the Health Care Debate VLOG VIDEO by @JennyHatch

​​​ ​ This blog is a Health Freedom effort that I began writing back in 2005 to promote the cause of liberty around family sovereignty, especially as it relates to the creeping fascism around medical care. In the video I question the arguments of Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse. This post is a good example … Continue reading

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