Comey claimed Crowdstrike was reputable… Oh Really? Russian hacking story COMPLETELY debunked by Lee Stranahan at Breitbart

These tweets tell the story. I hope you will take the time to read and watch. Jenny Hatch MUST READ #2 Cyber Firm at Center of Russian Hacking Charges Misread Data — Lee Stranahan (@stranahan) March 21, 2017 Let's not let that happen. Spread the word, people. REAL journalism is under major attack. Truly … Continue reading

Bens Spring Choir Concert

The local high school invited the 8th grade choir from Bens school to come sing three songs during their spring concert. I was so impressed with the quality of the music and the director. It was a wonderful evening of music! Jenny Hatch

Dr. Toby Watson – Psychiatry is misleading the public about Mental Disorders 

Psychologist Toby Watson— Psychiatry is Misleading the Public About Mental Disorders     Dr. Toby Watson is a clinical psychologist and outspoken critic of the psychiatric/pharmaceutical industry’s false claim that mental disorders are biological or medical conditions requiring dangerous drugs to “treat” them.

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