Thanks to the Vaccine Liberation Army for plugging my book today!

Teen Book on HPV vaccine “Paradox” (Kindle) — Jenny Marie (@JennyHatch) April 26, 2017 I am really thankful for this promotion! May the book reach its intended audience of readers! Click on the logo to get to the Vaccine Liberation Army! Jenny Hatch

Politico Journalists engage in a bit of self reflection and naval gazing

UPDATE: Politico pulled my comment. They don’t want anyone getting any funny ideas… ORIGINAL POST Politicos Jack Shafer and Tucker Doherty attempt some naval gazing and self reflection.. “The best medicine for journalistic myopia isn’t reeducation camps or a splurge of diversity hiring, though tiny doses of those two remedies wouldn’t hurt.” MY COMMENT: Ha! … Continue reading

Radio Show on Thursday at Noon Mountain time: The Truth about Barbara Loe Fischer and the National Vaccine Information Center

In America we are quickly approaching the day when vaccines will be legally mandated for all citizens based on Pharma influence on our political processes.   The Truth about Barbara Loe Fischer and the National Vaccine Information Center 04/27 by The Jenny Hatch Show — Jenny Marie (@JennyHatch) April 25, 2017 Barbara Loe Fischer … Continue reading

Cal Berkeley doubling down, so student groups have filed a lawsuit – FULL PRESS CONFERENCE: Ann Coulter @JennyHatch

Ann Coulter’s backers at UC Berkeley have filed a lawsuit.  Read more: Cal Berkeley doubling down, so student groups have filed a lawsuit – FULL PRESS CONFERENCE: Ann Coulter @JennyHatch — Jenny Marie (@JennyHatch) April 25, 2017 Our lawsuit against Berkeley was just filed. Demands appropriate & safe venue for my speech THIS THURSDAY … Continue reading

NYT’s slimes Uber CEO – Media is on a rampage!

Media has been dumping on Uber again. NYT’s did this hit piece on our CEO. Here is my comment… Most of us who drive do it part time to generate a little bit of cash. My customers are great. They are mostly business people going to work or the airport, students, the elderly, disabled, and … Continue reading

Ann Coulter speaking at Berkeley- Milo is making plans too!

The media is all over the map misreporting this story. Below I shared the few sane voices and interviews with Ann herself. Jenny Hatch Quotes from Ann: On 3/28, two student groups confirmed to Berkeley admins in writing that Ms. Coulter would be speaking on April 27  Conservs go to Berkeley for pre-arranged events & … Continue reading

A Facebook Rant about Incrementalism and Vaccine Truth by Investigative Journalist Sherri Kane

Tucker and Robert Kennedy Jr. Discuss Vaccine Controversy @JennyHatch — Jenny Marie (@JennyHatch) April 22, 2017 Sherri smacked down the notion that RFK’s interview on Fox with Tucker Carlson was a good step towards the truth. RFK. Jr.? Mercury? From Sherri Kane —>> Yes, RFK JR is doing a good thing talking about vaccines … Continue reading

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