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Fiona Barnett- New Book – Eyes Wide Open @JennyHatch

https://youtu.be/0CUOOsS3vbI I listened to this podcast yesterday: https://youtu.be/N64NK2AFjOM I read the first couple of chapters of Fionas book when it came out last month, then completely forgot about it until yesterday. Must Read! Jenny Hatch Click Eyes Wide Open to open the file. https://twitter.com/jennyhatch/status/1174468442973323264?s=21 https://twitter.com/jennyhatch/status/1174503570982354944?s=21

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Biggest Little Farm – JUST GO SEE IT! @JennyHatch #Homebirth

‪The Biggest Little Farm Official Trailer https://youtu.be/UfDTM4JxHl8 STOP everything you are doing and watch this movie! Paul and I watched it last night and it was stunning. The videography was impeccable, music luscious, editing pure perfection, and BIRTH, LOTS of birth. Jenny Hatch I watched it by myself on Amazon last night, then... weeping, I… Continue reading Biggest Little Farm – JUST GO SEE IT! @JennyHatch #Homebirth